I'm certified by Alexandria Professional, Body Sugaring uses a gloved hand to apply the sugar paste and a flicking motion of the hand to remove it. Done correctly there should be less discomfort during the process than waxing and absolutely no chance of being burned. Body Sugaring is a form of hair removal that removes the hair from the follicle in the natural direction of hair growth using a sugar paste. The sugar paste is all natural made of sugar, lemon and water and has a consistency of taffy. Hair can be removed at less than 1/8th of an inch (2-3 days of hair growth) as opposed to waxing which requires 1/4th inch re-growth.

Bees (Women)

Brazilian  $55 

Full Bikini  $45

Bikini Line  $35

Buttox  $25

Lower Back  $20

Lip  $12

Chin  $12

Side of Face  $20

Stomach  $20

Underarm  $15


Drones (Men)

Boyzilian $85

Buttox  $35

Deep Buttox  $10

Shoulder  $20

Eyebrow $20

Chest  $40

Full Back  $65

Half Back  $45

Shoulder  $20

Stomach  $45

How do I prepare for Sugaring?

Come to your appointment with clean skin. Avoid lotions or oil prior to sugaring, avoid exfoliating 3 days prior to your appointment. the sugar needs your dead skin cells to remove the hair properly.

What do I do post Sugaring?

Moisturize daily with a natural moisturizer. Do not exfoliate at all for the first 3 days after your treatment. After the first 3 days, it is safe to then exfoliate every 2-3 days.