The Quick Guide to Humble Bee Facials

by Heidi Summers

by Heidi Summers

First time getting a facial? Not sure what to expect or do? No problem we have you covered ! Here are some common questions or concerns answered . If you have additional questions feel free to contact us before your appointment for a personal analysis of your particular skin care needs.


How to prepare for your facial

  • Wait 2-3 days after using retinoid products before coming in for a facial.

  • Try to come in with clean skin. If you are wearing make-up we can take it off for you but it will use up time we could be spending for more pressing skin care needs.

  • If you have a spray tan or lash extensions there may be some loss due to the steam and products. Its best to get your facial a few days before your next spray or lash appointment.


When and what kind of facial to book

  • Book your facial treatment about a week in advance of any special event. If you are acne prone or sensitive it is possible to have a break-out post facial due to the extensive cleaning. This is temporary and usually goes away in 2-3 days.

  • If you're not sure what kind of facial would suit your skin best don’t be afraid to ask your esthetician for suggestions. That is what we are here for! We will give you a skin analysis and steer you in the right direction.


What you should and should not do after a facial

  • Directly after your facial plan to be make-up and sweat free for the rest of the day, ideally 24 hours.

  • Drink lots of water to encourage the cleansing process and don’t forget to wear sunscreen if we have done deeper exfoliation.

  • Keeping the results of your facial will largely depend on your at-home regimen. If you need assistance on choosing the right products we can help.

  • To keep your skin fitness in top shape we recommend a facial every 4-6 weeks.


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