Sugaring vs. Waxing

Many of my clients ask me what the difference between waxing and sugaring is. While it may not seem like there is a noticeable difference between the two techniques, in reality it's night and day. I often tell my new clients that they're in for a treat if they've never tried the ancient form of hair removal that sugaring is.

So what is sugaring? Well, it's actually a very simple formula of sugar, water and lemon as a binder, boiled down to a paste. You could even make at home; although I wouldn't recommend trying it on your own. I once had a client tell me she had wanted to try it by herself once, but ended up not having the courage to flick it off. She waited several hours until she realized her only recourse was to step in the shower and let it melt away so... my suggestion is: leave it to the pros!

The way we apply the sugar is different from the way wax is applied. What we do is we pull the hair back and flick the sugar off the way the hair would naturally grow out. This is why our clients end up getting less ingrown hairs and notice less hair growing back because there is less breakage and the sugar is able to get the second layer of hair growth. But let's leave this one for another blog post.

Needless to say, we live by sugaring at Humble Bee Beauty Studio and once you try it, we think you will too!

Here is a quick guide on the main differences between sugaring and waxing: